200-Acres FREE Prescription Services

Your new equipment purchase now comes with agronomy benefits!

Get 200-acres of FREE Variable Rate Prescription Services from our HT Precision Ag Agronomist, Danny Jefferies, with every new Planter, Air Seeder, or Self-Propelled Sprayer purchased during John Deere's EARLY ORDER PROGRAM from June 2, to October 14, 2020.

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Qualifying Products Include:

- New John Deere Air Seeders, Air Drills, Drills, and Commodity Carts
- New John Deere Planters, including Deere-Bauer models
- New John Deere Self-Propelled Sprayers and Applicators
- New Hagie Self-Propelled Sprayers

FREE 200-Acre Variable Rate Prescription Services Benefits:

- Optimize the placement of seeds and manage field variability
- Reduce unnecessary input expense in historically lower-yielding areas of the field
- Maximize economic benefit in high-performing areas
- Integration with Operations Center and enabled wireless data transfer
- Efficiently generate one or multiple prescriptions for a field in one workflow to get ready for the season
- Preview the prescriptions to verify the plan is correct
- Manage the prescription files from creation to use on the display

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Additional HT Precision Ag Products:

When thinking about Precision Ag and variable rate prescriptions, it’s a great time to also consider other products that deliver additional value. JDLink™ Connect provides remote support capabilities with Wireless Data Transfer enabling prescriptions to be sent wirelessly from the John Deere Operations Center. When it comes to getting as-applied data back into the Operations Center and MyOperations App, Data Sync sends files automatically when the operator has finished work in a field.

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