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ProSeries™ Opener Upgrade Kit

Improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence with ProSeries™ Opener. Upgrade your 90 Series Opener with six state-of-the-art parts and go from good to great with the ProSeries™ Opener Upgrade Kit from John Deere.

PROSERIES™ UPGRADE KIT: 8 Rows (4LH and 4RH) AA97392
PROSERIES™ UPGRADE KIT: 2 Rows (1LH and 1RH) AA98693

Narrow Seed Boot On the ProSeries™ Opener, the seed boots are made of the same material as the older high-wear boots previously offered, which is a highly abrasion-resistant white iron. However, this seed boot is narrower, causing less soil throw on neighboring rows. It also sits up tight to the disk blade, resulting in less wear on the boot.

Serrated Closing Wheel
The serrated closing wheel offers an improved closing system when seeding into hard soils or high residue conditions. The notches help break up the top layer of soil covering the seed trench. The notches also reach through residue to seal off the trench better, rather than simply moving residue over the trench. Consistent soil over the seed bed provides optimal germination and emergence. The serrated closing wheel has performed well in all conditions but truly shines in high residue or hard soil conditions.

Narrow and Flexible Press Wheel
The narrow and flexible press wheel has improved overall seed-to-soil contact. The improvement is in the shape and diameter of the press wheel. The ProSeries Opener press wheel profiles the trench better, partly due to the narrower and more flexible wheel itself, measuring 1.8 cm x 25.4 cm (0.71 in. x 10 in.). The 90 Series press wheel is 1.9 cm x 22.9 cm (0.75 in. x 9 in.)

Growers that have consistent seed depth have a greater opportunity for uniform emergence, uniform tilling, uniform flowering, and uniform maturity. This leads to increased yield potentially, easier management of crop.

Upgraded Components
The ProSeries™ Opener has upgraded a number of components that increases the service life. The press wheel bearing is one of those components. The current 90 Series Opener has a press wheel bearing that is a single-row ball bearing. The ProSeries™ press wheel has an upgraded double-row ball bearing to increase the service life within the press wheel and keep the producer seeding rather than worrying about serviceability.

Other parts that have an extended service life:
Narrow Seed Boot — with the boot itself being narrower and fitting tighter up against the disk, this design throws less soil and ultimately reduces wear life on the boot.
Sealed Bushings — the sealed-off closing and press wheel joints allow for less corrosion and extend the service life for both joints. Both joints are now greaseless bushings.
Seed Tab — the seed tab has been redesigned in shape with a single-angled edge. Also, it has upgraded material, allowing it to be more flexible and have an increased service life due to less embrittlement.