Why an ASI is the Right Choice.

Why a Huron Tractor ASI is the right choice.

Huron Tractor's ASI (Annual Service Inspection) Program is our most comprehensive inspection package, designed to help you protect your investment.

The Huron Tractor ASI Seal is proof that your equipment has received only the finest quality care, year after year.

Downtime is far more expensive than repairs. Properly maintained equipment is your best insurance for staying in the field. With over 60 years experience, Huron Tractor knows first-hand that regular inspections have saved our customers a lot of money and inconvenience.

We take pride in keeping YOU up and running. The ASI Program is our solution to help decrease your equipment downtime and prevent failures at critical times. Detecting potential problems early is key to reducing your costs and keeping your machines running their best.

We stand behind the seal.

The ASI Certification process includes a complete model-specific checklist, reviewed annually, to ensure your equipment is ready to go when you need it most.

  • Equipment reliability.
  • Minimize the high cost of downtime.
  • Prevent failures at critical times.
  • Eliminate the risk of damage to related systems.
  • Extend equipment life.
  • Increase resale value.
  • Take advantage of BIG SAVINGS with available off-season discounts.

ASI Promise & Warranty

  • Huron Tractor ASI's include equipment checks by trained technicians.
  • After inspection, we will present you with a checklist to review.
  • All repairs will be estimated and completed only if authorized by you. No surprises.
  • All repair work is warranted 100% for 90 days or 100 hours from first use.
  • DOUBLE YOUR WARRANTY: All John Deere Agriculture Parts installed by Huron Tractor receive a 1-Year Ag Parts & Labour warranty instead of 6-months for over-the-counter. Turf Parts installed by Huron Tractor receive a 6-Month Turf Parts & Labour warranty.
  • Undetected mechanical failures on inspected components that occur within 90 days or 100 hours from first use are warranted 50/50 with an ASI Seal. (Excludes electrical, A/C, wear and abuse. Some conditions apply.)