2021 Scholarship Program


Application deadline for our 2021 Program is July 16, 2021.

This year Huron Tractor is pleased to be offering Four (4) Scholarships worth $1500 each.
To submit an application, please complete the Application Form and email to: hr@hurontractor.com


Huron Tractor is committed to excellence in education in the pursuit of higher learning through post-secondary education, and the long-term sustainability of Ontario Agriculture. In support of our commitment to education, and our community, Huron Tractor offers a scholarship fund for applicants that are enrolled for the first year in Full-Time undergraduate and/or graduate Agricultural programs at a recognized post-secondary educational institution.


  1. Preference will be given to applicants who reside in Huron Tractor's trade area.
  2. Huron Tractor scholarship applicants must be enrolling into their first year at a recognized post-secondary educational institution in an agricultural program, and must be taking a full course load.
  3. Huron Tractor scholarship applicants will be required to provide proof of enrollment at the recognized post-secondary educational institution, indicating their full-time status, and proof of payment.
  4. Huron Tractor reserves the right to award scholarships at the sole discretion of the company, and will base the decision on several factors, including grades, eligibility, and information contained within the required essays.


  1. Applicants to the Huron Tractor scholarship fund will be required to submit a completed application form, complete with a transcript of their previous academic grades earned.
  2. Huron Tractor scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the company, and will be merit-based. The maximum amount awarded shall be Four (4) Scholarships worth $1500 each. The scholarship program will run yearly.
  3. Huron Tractor scholarship application forms are located on the Huron Tractor website at www.hurontractor.com
  4. Completed forms should be submitted to Huron Tractor’s Human Resources Manager.
  5. Applications will be reviewed and decided upon by an independent Scholarship Selection Committee.
  6. Huron Tractor Ltd. doesn’t guarantee employment for scholarship recipients; however, we may give recipients preferential consideration following the completion of their studies and/or for summer or co-op work terms.


Our 2020 Huron Tractor scholarship program winners were each awarded a $1500 scholarship cheque in August 2020.

The award recipients were selected at the discretion of an independent scholarship selection committee, with consideration to factors such as grades, eligibility, and essay submission information. Candidates had to be enrolling for their first-year into a full-time, undergraduate and/or graduate Agricultural program at a recognized post-secondary educational institution. The annual Huron Tractor Scholarship Program was introduced in June 2018, as a reflection of our commitment to excellence in education and the long-term sustainability of Ontario Agriculture.

Three $1500 post-secondary education scholarships were also awarded internally to Huron Tractor employee’s children.
Thank you to all our praise-worthy applicants and congratulations on your endeavours. Best wishes to everyone for a successful school year ahead.