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Used Equipment

"Anyone can sell a used machine, but we make it reconditioned for you."

When you buy Huron Tractor Qualified Equipment, you’re assured of the highest productivity and availability. We know John Deere machines and make sure each is thoroughly inspected and fully serviced. In many cases, machines are expertly repaired or reconditioned and are often backed by a warranty, plus competitive financing makes owning easier.

You know what you are getting before you buy.

Trained equipment inspectors, who know JD products inside and out, can determine a machine’s real condition – inside where it counts – not just outside where a good paint job can hide the true condition of a machine.

At Huron Tractor, we take pride in our inspection and repair processes, including researching previous ownership, application and service records, giving you the highest comfort level in truly knowing what you are purchasing. Most other dealers of used equipment just say it is "As-is, where is … customer assumes all responsibility and... risk… no warranties." We work hard so you receive the best equipment possible when purchasing Huron Tractor Qualified ASI’d Used Equipment.

Finance Options

"Something new in used equipment: Financing."

Many other used equipment dealers want complete payment the day of the purchase, via cashiers or certified cheque, leaving it to you to arrange all financing. Huron Tractor can tailor financing programs to meet your needs, from installment sale, lease, or even rental with a purchase option. We can take advantage of services offered by JD Financial Services, including periodic special financing incentives for used machines. Ask your sales representative about flexible, low rate financing options to meet your needs.

Warranties / Equipment Protection Plans

"Provides protection against unexpected warrantable powertrain repair cost for used John Deere equipment sold by Huron Tractor."

Huron Tractor supports many of our used equipment offerings with a warranty. Used equipment warranty terms and durations will vary from product to product, however, all salesmen have the option to augment their own unique warranties with coverage supplied by Huron Tractor or John Deere Insurance, such as the Equipment Protection Plans.

The HarvestGard Protection Plan offers you two choices: Full Coverage Warranty and Engine and PowerTrain Warranty. No matter what plan you choose, your combine is covered for a full harvest season up to 250 operating hours.


All main components of the Engine & PowerTrain are covered for mechanical breakdown caused by a defective component, due to faulty materials or orginal workmanship (no deductible charged). The covered components include the following:

ENGINE: engine block, cylinder head, rocker arm cover, timing gear cover, crankcase pan and all parts enclosed within these units. Also included are the fuel injection pump, turbocharger, water pump, torsional damper, manifolds, intercoller, and engine oil cooler.

POWERTRAIN: the hydrostatic housings, transmission case, differential and final drives housings, four wheel drive housings, engine gear case, clutch housings, and parts fully enclosed within these housings, including the drive axles, hydraulic transmission control valve assemblies, external drive shafts and universal joints.